Filmmaking is often about creating an illusion. Along with lighting and set design, Special (practical) effects is part of the wizardry in making the illusion believable on screen. Any environment will look and feel radically different when covered in snow, hazed by fog, or drenched in rain – no matter whether shooting on location or in studio.

Our arsenal includes a variety of atmospheric effects (snow, rain, fog, wind) as well as pyrotechnic, electronic and mechanical solutions to create or alter an environment to match the creative vision of our customer.

Our philosophy is to provide complete turnkey special effects solutions from initial planning to production. During pre-production stage of a larger project our SFX supervisor usually goes through a series of consultations with the director, DoP, production designer and producer(s) to make sure any planned special effects are physically and financially feasible. We also often perform and record limited-scale tests on specific effects to avoid miscommunication or unrealistic expectations during production. If there are digital effects involved, we also often coordinate our efforts with the VFX supervisor, ensuring the resulting footage will be suitable for compositing or 3D CGI elements without expensive and time-consuming manipulations.

During production we habitually provide a bespoke package involving personnel, equipment, materials and logistics, coordinating with other departments as necessary to fit SFX department into the set infrastructure, and eliminate the risks of unforeseen delays, equipment damage, or personal injuries related to special effects.

Years of experience combined with intimate knowledge of other key areas in filmmaking have helped us become a leading special effects company in Estonia.